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web analytics specialist

👋🏽 Hi Im Freddie!

First and foremost I love anything Web Analytics and User Experience related. Web Analytics and Data driven Digital marketing is what I do and what I love helping others with. What’s most important for me is to help others be able to see data as a facilitator to optimize customer journeys and customer experiences. Data is not just numbers on a piece of paper. That is why my role is to help interpret the meaning behind the numbers and draw actionable insights from data.

My goal is to help companies understand & get to know their customer, to create a relationship with them. To be able to enable data-driven decisions and enable in-depth analysis of data, as well as report and visualize what it actually means for the company’s various stakeholders. To be able to see data as an facilitator to optimize customer journeys and customer experiences and draw actionable insights from data.

My experience working within agency


From working in a startup environment in a web/digital marketing agency as a consultant for 2+ years, I have had the chance to work with and help startups, small businesses and larger companies with developing their entire digital presence and enabling them to work more data driven.

Everything from websites in WordPress, to working with paid advertising in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Linkedin ads. As well as setting up tracking tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager) and creating and visualizing reports with analysis and insights for website performance (Google Data Studio). Read more about a few of my projects 

From working In my current role at IKEA/INGKA as a part of the Global Digital Channel performance team I have further improved my skills working with global multi channel data. 

Day to day activities including working with SQL and BigQuery to help joining data from different channels and databases. Supporting different markets with their data analysis needs and enabling them to work with data driven marketing strategies. As well as creating and visualizing reports to communicate insights drawn from data.


My experience working with IKEA

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